Where The Good Life Meets The Green Life.

The Highest Standards Of Comfort.
The Smallest Possible Footprint.

When you consider all that Terra House stands for as a landmark for reverent and responsible living in the 21st century, it would be antithetical not to be LEED Certified. And this kind of recognition from the highly acclaimed nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council is neither token nor ceremonial. LEED stands for “Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design," and in planning, engineering and constructing Terra House from the ground up, we've incorporated all the latest techniques and technologies available. And as you might expect, our apartments feature a number of ENERGY STAR® appliances, reducing greenhouse and other emissions while lowering your energy bills. It's all about giving you every plush comfort imaginable, with the peace of mind of living a healthier lifestyle that sustains the world we all share.

How did we achieve it?



  • Energy-saving HVAC and insulation
  • Low-E, dual-pane windows
  • LED and fluorescent lighting
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Water-saving fixtures, appliances, and irrigation


  • Extensive draft-stopping and sound-deadening features
  • Dedicated fresh air and exhaust devices
  • Low-VOC paints and finishes
Health and Safety

Health and Safety

  • Water-resistant surfaces and materials
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detection throughout building
  • Mitigation of risks from sun, wind, moisture, drought, radon & pests


  • Providing highly-functional homes near local transit and services
  • Revitalizing a historic site
  • Walking distance to Riverfront Park’s Great Lawn
  • Over 75% of construction debris was recycled
  • Multiple products sourced within 500 miles of project address